neonlink asked:

Is there anyway you could try make a tutorial to show how to achieve blended lines like in your megaman picture? It's a style I want to practice, but don't know where to start! :(

crayonchewer answered:

Sure thing! But to tell the truth, I didn’t blend any lines or colors in my Mega Man pic… it was all flat colors! But I’ll try to explain my process as best as I can with a little diagram! :>

Step 1: Since I only had 1 hour to draw my pic, I knew I wouldn’t be able to go about doing my usual method of making a sketch and making nice, clean lineart AND still manage to finish the pic in time. Art challenges with deadlines are good practice because they force you to make split-second decisions, and sometimes you have to sacrifice something in favor for something else to insure you’ll be able to finish the pic in time! And I’m really, really slow! So I blobbed out basic shapes instead.

Step 2: I erase or add onto the blob to make the character’s silhouette shapes.

Step 3: With the silhouette layer locked, I start coloring in some of the details the character has. Since it’s opacity locked, that means I don’t have to be perfect and can freely scribble outside of the lines. AND YOU’D NEVER EVEN KNOW, HEH. Then on a new layer, I draw out the important details, like the face and eyes.

Step 4: Keep going! The face is actually on an entirely new layer, but the colors for the eyes, mouth, and eyebrows are on a layer underneath.

Step 5: Sweet, we’re nearly done! I make sure to opacity lock ALL of my layers, because here’s where I add those cool effects. On the different layers, I lightly skim over the edges with a different color. This is to give it either a glowy kinda effect or helps give it the appearance of lineart in certain places without actually giving it REAL lineart, which is super handy if you have something of one color overlapping another area of the same color. Without those added extra lines, the detail of what’s going on would be lost! Now just keep going until you’re done, yay!

There’s actually a lot of different methods to get this same effect, but this was just how I did mine since I was on a time crunch to get it done and my brain was slightly freaking out, haha. But it was thanks to that pressure that I figured this method out, so I can’t complain! Hope it helps you too! ‘w’


… It also doubles as a “how to draw Trigger” tutorial. ENJOY. xD